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For far too long sporting photography outside of the professional leagues has been largely ignored to the detriment of the organisations themselves, the individuals involved and, where applicable, their parents. As a result, the products that are generally produced are neither of sufficient quality or interest to justify their purchase. We, at Star Shoot, believe that this should NOT be the case. We believe that, irrespective of your organisation’s level, you are entitled to expect a quality product that both you and your members can be proud of. With this in mind, we look to make use of a combination of modern technology and innovative photographic techniques to just take fantastic picture, but also make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience, from start to finish.

Continue reading to find out more about why Star Shoot should be your ONLY choice for exciting bespoke photographs for your organisation and its members!

The Star Shoot

Star Shoot use exciting and relevant graphics related to your organisation’s colours and official logo so as to display your photos in ways that you will want to proudly show to both your family and friends. This is because it is just as important for the photographs that your members receive to be an additional marketing outlet for your organisation whilst also being something that both members and their parents may be able to enjoy.

Regardless of the age and experience of anyone we are asked to photograph, our photo shoots are carried out in a fun and relaxed atmosphere thanks to our pre-shoot registration process and an organized, professional set-up. This is because we know that this allows us to get the best pictures possible whilst still also completing the process in the most efficient manner possible. Moreover, since we have multiple image designs available to us that serve to allow the whole family to get what they want as part of the same cost-effective package, we typically only spend a maximum of 5 minutes with each individual subject in view of the fact that any ‘team’ photographs are actually put together ‘offsite’.

In addition, whilst many similar businesses to Star Shoot struggle with adverse weather conditions, in the majority of cases we look to complete our photo days in indoor locations to maximise the effectiveness of our professional lighting system and highly skilled photographers to generate the best quality pictures.

Why should you use Star Shoot?

  • Our staff will liaise with you regarding all matters from scheduling, to photo day staffing and customer service.
  • Bespoke photography tailored to your particular organisation’s needs.
  • Numerous exciting styles of presentation available for you to purchase
  • Fundraising options to help you to generate greater funds for your organisations with little required from you aside from publicising the event.
  • The bigger your organisation, the bigger the discount we can offer you.
  • FREE delivery on all orders back to your organisation.
  • Fully coordinated picture days with all participants given allotted times to have their photos taken.
  • A broad array of photo products to suit all requirements
  • Your organisation, your members and/or their parents (as and where applicable) may order whatever individual items or packages that they want.
  • Staff are all DBS certificated and personally vetted.
  • All photos taken and personal data is processed and stored in keeping with the latest data protection laws.

It’s all about COMMUNICATION!

To maximise the success of a photo day, members and, where relevant, their parents need to know:

  • Who we are and what we offer
  • That your organisation supports us
  • The photo shoot is raising funds for the organisation
  • What they are required to do
  • Their allotted slots are correctly scheduled
  • That the proofs of their photos can be sent to them to make their selections

To further aid this process, we provide a bespoke step-by-step guide for organisations to be able to follow that guarantees members and, where relevant, their families can have the best experience of what we have to offer.

Supporting Our Customers

Even before we actually arrive for a scheduled photo shoot, we are ready and willing to answer any questions or to resolve any concerns that either you or your members may have. You, your members and their families may rest assured that you all will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism as we will not permit any issues that we experience to become your problems to be resolved.

How to prepare for a Photo Day

To help your members to be ready for your allotted slot with the photographer, please consider the following helpful hints –

  1. Please ensure that you bring a clean kit or outfit that is in keeping with your organisation requires you to wear on the day, particularly if you have more than one kit or outfit to wear.
  2. Look to arrive at least 10 minutes early, not only because we may be able to see you earlier than scheduled, but also to ensure there are no problems.
  3. If you are the parent of a child that is scheduled to have a slot with the photographer that is part of more than one group or who has siblings in other groups, we can take all of the photographs of the two or more children there and then.
  4. Most importantly, come ready to have a great time!


We have a 30 day returns policy in place when you will be offered a full refund (including the original postage cost) so long as your item(s) reach us at our postal address within the aforementioned 30 day period in the unlikely event that you decide that you are not happy with any of the products that you order from us.

Furthermore, should any of your items be lost or damaged where they are placed in the course of the post to an address of your choosing, Star Shoot bear complete responsibility for the loss or damage and will liaise with you to see whether you would prefer a replacement for the product to have been lost or damaged or even a full refund (including the cost of return postage).~

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